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Export Credit Insurance


Export Trade Credit Insurance is an insurance policy that protects a U.S. company pertaining to their international buyers. Policies can be provided by both the private sector and the Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM).


Export Credit Insurance protects against both the commercial risk (slow payments or financial inability of your customer to pay) as well as political risk (actions taken by the buyer’s country that inhibit payments)


Companies that use export trade credit insurance can:


Outsource the credit analysis of foreign buyers

Insurers use credit analysts located in country or near the country where the buyer is located. That local insight is generally not available to the Exporter

Expand sales to credit worthy Buyers

Credit guidance will direct the exporter to those customers that are most likely to pay in a timely fashion

Strengthen cash flow

Insured foreign accounts receivable become eligible to be borrowed against. This availability further fuels sales expansion