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Domestic Credit Insurance


Domestic Trade Credit Insurance is a regulated insurance policy that protects a U.S. company’s sales from nonpayment by any of their customers located in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Domestic Credit Insurance protects a business’s accounts receivable, often a company’s largest asset, against losses due to a covered customers financial inability to pay a legally enforceable debt. This can include mitigating losses due to insolvency, slow payments or denial of payments.


Companies that use domestic trade credit insurance can:


Avert a catastrophic loss

Expand sales to credit worthy buyers

By removing the risk of nonpayment, a company can sell more to both new and existing customers, enter new markets with confidence and insure new product lines.

Expand your credit team’s capabilities by leveraging covered services under your policy

  • Industry specific underwriting aided by multiple information sources
  • Ongoing credit monitoring with a focus on deteriorating risks
  • Dedicated ARI Broker and customer support teams
  • Third-party debt collection services, if needed

Increase cash flow

Insured domestic accounts receivable are stronger collateral for a lender than uninsured receivables. This allows a previously ineligible receivable to become eligible to be borrowed against. This availability further fuels sales expansion and allows a business to gain more favorable financing terms.