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Ex-Im Bank


Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM)


EXIM’s mission is to enhance American job creation, prosperity and security through supporting U.S. exporters. For small to mid-sized companies, the support comes from their export policy of Trade Credit Insurance and the working capital guarantee program offered by many banks.


Export Trade Credit Insurance is an insurance policy that protects a U.S. company from various financial risks pertaining to their international buyers. When the private sector is unable or unwilling to provide export financing, EXIM fills the gap through its loan, guarantee, and insurance products.


The EXIM Trade Credit Insurance policy allows for single and multi-buyer programs at fixed premium rates. Many options include low up-front costs and pay as you go pricing. They do have certain restrictions not shared with the private market, but there is more flexibility as well.


EXIM recommends that businesses use a registered broker to guide them through the process, at no additional cost, as they have gone through extensive training to understand the ins and outs of all EXIM insurance products and services.


ARI Global is proud to be a Platinum-Tier Broker, which is the highest designation given by EXIM.