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David Clark

David Clark

David Clark, a graduate of the University of Nebraska, has worked in various industries over his career. He brings more than 15 years of credit insurance experience, David consults with corporate executive and business owners on a better way to sell with confidence and provide valuable protection against customer defaults.

When he joined ARI Global in 2016, David brought a decade of experience as a senior agent with one of the largest credit insurance carriers worldwide. He brings a unique approach to customize solutions for risk mitigation that also benefit his clients’ sales growth goals, secure better borrowing terms with lenders, reduce bad debt reserves, and eliminate the need for costly letters of credit.

As a strong client advocate, it is David’s goal to fully understand his clients’ needs and use his industry expertise to facilitate the best deal possible. He provides expert insight into the broader credit insurance market dynamics with the experience to find the best price, coverage, and contracts for his clients. He enjoys working with niche industries to find customized solutions and helping businesses attain the tools needed for growth.

David has remained in the Midwest and lives with his family in Kansas City, KS. He is a board member of the Mid-America District Export Council (DEC), board member of the International Trade Council of Greater Kansas, and a member of the Midwest International Trade Association (MITA). He also volunteers with United Way Worldwide and Special Olympics Kansas.