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Credit Insurance and Buyer Credit Decisions

Credit Insurance and Buyer Credit Decisions

The credit insurance market can be one of fragmentation and parties rarely consulting with you about your business. The actual concept is simple, however, the policy language is complex. A specialty broker remedies this.

Credit guidance on your clients is an important benefit of credit insurance. Sometimes the most important entities to you are the least important to the credit insurer: your small and midsized clients. Of course, large clients of concern to you are also of concern to the insurer.

“Debtors/Buyers” are the policyholder’s clients. Credit insurance companies underwrite these for a requested amount, and those decisions either come back favorably, partially favorable (some of the requested amount is acceptable), or are rejected. This is the day-to-day use of the product. Yet this is talked about as a process, cold, harsh, indifferent.

Brokers connect the fact that each debtor underwritten is an actual client or prospect of you, the policyholder. Your client should be as important to the insurer as they are to you. A specialty broker understands this and makes certain that your important clients are given the attention they deserve.