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Articles, News, and Announcements

Many small and midsize enterprises leave legacies, to their communities, their families and employees.

No one knows the precise formula, but there are fundamentals that hold true for almost all. Businesses that endure are those that continuously excel (the word “luck” seems almost an insult) in these critical areas:

  • Strong Client Relationships
  • Risk Management
  • Smart Planning
  • Scalability
  • Adaptability

Open–account trade credit is an integral part of most B2B commerce, and is usually a given for your top accounts. Unfortunately, No matter how well your best clients pay you, they rarely pick up the phone and tell you that things have deteriorated. Sometimes you are the last to know.

And therein lies the value of trade credit insurance. It sits behind the scenes protecting your best relationships from crushing your year or wiping out your business. How many small or midsize companies can withstand a $500,000 loss? Companies that use trade credit insurance can, since they have a policy that protects them, just in case.

Credit insurance can enable your company to endure, and leave a legacy.