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Accounts receivable insurance and the current economy

Accounts receivable insurance and the current economy

“Slow U.S. Economic Growth Forecasted for 2012” - press release, December 5, 2011, Chicago Fed Economic Symposium, consensus opinion of 27 economists.

“We are below consensus on near-term growth and expect slight deterioration in the unemployment rate” - October 2011 Goldman Sachs White Paper, “The Outlook for the US Economy”

You’ve made it through the recession, and ready to hit the future in earnest. Unfortunately, private and public economic forecasts aren’t in alignment with your ambitions. Danger stands...Global risks...instability of the Euro...waves of violence in the Middle East, Latin American monetary policy, and more, stand in the way of you realizing your potential. Domestically, many US corporations are facing bankruptcy, entire industry sectors have yet to recover from the economic stagnation, and politicians in Washington want to help but aren’t.

If only there were a tool - developed exactly for you - that would give you a hedge against economic uncertainties, empower you to safely grow your business, protect you against catastrophic loss, increase your access to short-term capital, and enable you to confidently and aggressively expand new markets, both foreign and domestic.

There is. Accounts receivable insurance does all of these things and more and has been around for more than 100 years as the best kept secret in American business. It provided the backbone for the free market economies of post-war Europe to enjoy unprecedented economic expansion after decades of devastation wrought by depression and war. 

For success, you need accounts receivable insurance. Understanding what accounts receivable insurance can do for you begins when you understand it is a powerful financial instrument that can give you a competitive advantage when executing your plans for success. 

Most insurance agents and brokers know little about accounts receivable insurance. Even the largest property and casualty insurance brokers in the world are poorly suited to craft an accounts receivable insurance policy that is exactly right for every business. 

You need a trusted partner when you decide to look at what accounts receivable insurance can do for you. We are ARI Global, and we have been quietly working with thousands of clients - businesses, lenders, property and casualty insurers - for more than a decade, designing accounts receivable insurance solutions for small, medium and large corporations. We are business financial experts with common sense who just happen to have insurance licenses. Accountability. Responsibility. Integrity.  ARI Global, the accounts receivable insurance experts with the most experience to be your trusted partner, because accounts receivable insurance is all we do. Call us today to find the accounts receivable insurance solution that is designed exactly for you.

Remember: Using a broker costs you nothing. We don’t get paid until you purchase an accounts receivable insurance policy. We work for you, not the insurance company. By law, the cost of your credit insurance policy is the same whether you use a broker or shop the market yourself. 

We work with every accounts receivable insurance company in the world. Euler Hermes, Coface, Atradius, Chartis, FCIA, Zurich, QBE, ACE, HCC, the Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank), etc. Each of these insurers wants your business. With ARI Global as your trusted ally, looking out for your business needs, we will leverage all markets on your behalf.