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Mary Shea
Vice President

160 Fremont St. #417
Worcester, MA 01603


Mary Shea is a graduate of American Internationl College, Springfield, Massachusetts.


After completing a post graduate internship with the District of Columbia city council, Mary managed and maintained a marketing department for the Army, Navy, Air Force and Federal Times newspapers for 5 years, achieving substantial subscription growth.


She then relocated to Clearwater, Florida to own and operate (with  her family) a food service equipment company. During these years Mary developed vendor enhancement programs reducing costs of her inventory and allowing her to be more competitive in that marketplace.


Spending 15 years in the business world, Mary became an agent in the trade credit insurance industry. Those prior years in a competitive business brought Mary a unique understanding of servicing her clients' ever changing needs.


After 19 successful years in trade credit insurance, Mary is happy to join the ARI Global team as a broker representing all the major trade credit insurers.