Credit Insurance for Property and Casualty Brokers/Producers

Your business insurance clients are the lifeblood of your revenue. You’ve worked hard to earn their trust. When they have a risk-mitigation need, they call you first. And that trust is at risk every day, which is why you work hard every day to keep it. When your business client contacts you and asks you about accounts receivable insurance, what do you do, and to whom do you turn? Your policyholder might be contacting you and contacting the credit insurance carriers directly. Even worse, your client might just think it is time to contact one of the large P&C shops, who will in turn be using this boutique product as the lever they need to try to take the entire relationship. 

You might have written some of these policies over the years. Euler Hermes, Coface, Atradius. All of these carriers have direct-writing agents on staff, ready to help. When doing this, you are going against the very value proposition you sell against when acting as a trusted broker/partner for your business clients. Why not, instead, turn to the experts in the industry?

We are business financial experts with common sense who just happen to have insurance licenses. Accountability. Responsibility. Integrity. ARI Global, the trade credit insurance experts who are your trusted partners, because credit insurance is all we do. 

We carefully partner with you and your client, shop the market just like you would, and make sure that your policyholder is getting the most for their premiums. And as you know, that doesn’t always mean getting the best price. Only a broker like you can look out for the best interests of your client, and that includes structuring the best policy language for their unique needs.

We have worked with hundreds of P&C brokers for more than a decade, working hard to make certain that your business client stays your business client. We handle the E&O, ensure that your policyholder remains in compliance with their policy’s reporting requirements, and we partner with you every step of the way. And we always are mindful that the relationship is yours. That is why we have established generous revenue sharing plans, and we keep them in place for the life of the relationship. We make you look like the expert and keep the alphabet houses out.

When your client calls you, call us today. Let us work together to find the right trade credit insurance solution for your client.