Credit Insurance for Lenders, Factors, and Structured Trade Finance Executives

You’ve got money to lend, and your clients are clamoring for it. They are turning to you for answers, and you’re ready to quote. They accept your offer, which happens to include the need for an accounts receivable insurance policy. Now comes the hard part: Finding the policy that is right for your client and your company. You may be familiar with trade credit insurance policies, and agents have been calling on you for years trying to get some of your business. They have to earn your trust, but you also might want a referral from them every now and then, right? 

Maybe you purchase invoices, and have a policy yourself - recourse and non-recourse factors like you use credit insurance policies to protect your ABL portfolios.

Perhaps you specialize in syndicated commercial lending, and your structured loans involve millions in credit lines. If you’re the lead lender, you are the one working directly with the borrower. Trade credit insurance companies may need to work together to put the significant limits in place that your borrower need. That doesn’t happen easily.

If you’ve been dealing with credit insurance agents in the past, or limiting yourself to only one or two insurance companies because you are comfortable with their policy language, you are limiting the options for your client - and perhaps limiting the size of the deals you could put together.

The policy protecting the receivables in your loan is only good if it pays a claim. Many credit insurance policies have compliance requirements and language specifically designed to protect you and your clients’ unique needs via necessary custom endorsements, giving your institution rights equal to those of the policyholder. 

You need a trusted partner who will look out for both yours and your client’s interests. We are ARI Global, and we are the trusted partner for lenders, factors and other financiers just like you. 

When you partner with ARI Global, you have gained a compliance department that is looking out for your needs, making sure that when a claim needs to be filed, the policy will be there to pay. And yes, we do like to refer prospects to you. But more importantly, we want to make certain that the deals you do have are adequately protected. When you partner with us, we ensure:

  • Your clients are in compliance with their policy’s reporting requirements.
  • The credit insurance company is giving you the rights you should expect to have to file claims, pay premium, and even have online access to in-force coverage.
  • Policies that exclude factored or credit-guaranteed receivables by default are endorsed so that they include these assets.
  • You obtain specimen copies of all policy forms and endorsements for your compliance team, and review them with you so that we have a shared understanding of how you are protected.
  • You get the insurance companies to work together for loan syndications - since syndicated loans often require syndicated policies.

We are business financial experts with common sense who just happen to have insurance licenses. Accountability. Responsibility. Integrity. ARI Global, the trade credit insurance experts who are your trusted partners, because credit insurance is all we do. Call us today to find the credit insurance solution that is designed exactly for your client and for you.