Credit Insurance for Business Owners and Financial Executives

You’ve made it through the recession and are ready to grow your business now and beyond. Unfortunately for you, powerful forces stand in the way of your success. Banks have yet to open their wallets; they’re accumulating cash instead of giving business owners like you the access to the short-term capital you need. Global economic uncertainty abounds, and let’s face it - bankruptcies aren’t going to slow down just because you want to sell more. If you are selling your products or services on open account credit, you are at risk. One credit loss from even a medium-sized customer could be the difference between a profitable year or another anemic one. A catastrophic loss could destroy your business. And it will come from where you least expect it. 

It gets worse. In the past, you could simply look at your aging, and keep selling to the customers that reliably paid you. A sudden slowdown in payments from one of those customers was your best sign of problems. Not anymore. In the last three years, companies have been forced out of business without them showing up on your aging. You were paid on time up to the moment they shut their doors. This may be the new standard for the foreseeable future.

Looking to exports as your best chance for growth? What countries are you selling to? Which ones are growing fastest? Exports involve the uncertainty of political risk. The same foreign markets that are growth opportunities for you may be facing imminent collapse.

There is a powerful financial instrument available to you that can help you reach your financial goals you’ve set for your business now and beyond. That instrument - trade credit insurance - can:

  • Significantly increase - even double - your short-term borrowing capacity, in both domestic and foreign markets
  • Protect you against non-payment from your medium and largest customers, caused by bankruptcy, political calamity, or your customers’ cash-flow problems
  • Help you identify your best customers - the ones that will pay you

But how do you find the credit insurance policy that is right for you? You could try to do it yourself, but whom can you trust, and where would you start? 

You need a trusted partner who will look out for your interests. We are ARI Global, and we have been quietly working with thousands of businesses for more than a decade, designing credit insurance solutions for businesses just like yours. We are business financial experts with common sense who just happen to have insurance licenses. Accountability. Responsibility.  Integrity. ARI Global, the trade credit insurance experts who is your trusted partner, because credit insurance is all we do. Call us today to find the credit insurance solution that is designed exactly for you.

Remember: Using a broker costs you nothing. We don’t get paid until you purchase an accounts receivable insurance policy. We work for you, not the insurance company. By law, the cost of your credit insurance policy is the same whether you use a broker or shop yourself.