Credit Insurance for Business Executives, Lenders, and P&C Brokers

Credit Insurance for Business

Credit insurance protects business-to-business accounts receivable against nonpayment (bankruptcy or slow pay). It also affords political risk protection on export receivables.

  • Protection against catastrophic loss
  • Safe to increase sales to existing clients
  • Safe to sell to new clients (domestic and export)
  • Safe to offer open terms to new foreign markets
  • Enhancement of borrowing base:
    • Include foreign receivables
    • Include A/R concentrations
    • Higher advance rates

Business Owners and Financial Executives

If you are a Business Owner or Financial Executive, please see this section.

Lenders - Banks, Factors, and Structured Finance

If you are a Lender, Bank, Factor, or involved with Structured Finance, please see this section.

Property & Casualty Brokers or Producers

If you are a Property and Casualty Broker or Producer, please see this section.