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Credit Risk and Client Knowledge

Of all platitudes, “know your client” seems the most obvious and obnoxious.  Who doesn’t want to know his or her client?  And more to the point, who thought it was a good idea to remind people of that fact?

And yet business experts continue to get paid a lot of money to tell business owners the obvious:  Companies should know their clients.  No kidding.

Maximizing Your Working Capital

To ensure that losses are limited, risk is mitigated and it's most valuable assets, such as buildings, inventory, employees (human capital), etc. are safeguarded, industry-leading organizations are careful to have an adequate amount of insurance on such assets.  Oftentimes, however, a company’s largest and most vulnerable asset, the Accounts Receivable, is left completely unprotected.

Key Distributors: Benefits and Burdens

When senior management makes the decision to utilize key distributors, significant impact is felt across the enterprise—both short-term and far-reaching. 

Key relationships are mutually beneficial, and have an organic quality; in a word, they are grown, over time, with great care.

For both buyer and seller, the benefits and ensuing burdens increase.